Treaty with SMG

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Treaty with SMG

Post by [UR]GrandAndreasK on Sat Oct 09 2010, 17:24

  • Treaty between UR and SMG.

  • This is an agreement entered freely by both clans that can be rescinded at anytime by both sides.

  • Travel:

  • Both SMG and UR agree to give limited free travel rights to their respective systems.

  • If a member of the clan is online at the times, permission should be asked with the expectation that permission will be given.

  • Both clans keep the rights to close temporarily their systems for clan business.

  • Unless specifically permitted the travel permission is limited to 10 minutes and after that the traveler will be considered an invader.

  • This time can be extended if needed on a case by case basis.

  • Equipment:

  • UR agrees to permit SMG members to buy the APC at cost.

  • SMG agrees to permit the UR leader to buy the champion shields from Hiruga at cost.

  • The UR leader has the limited permission to distribute the shield to his clan members.

  • RP:

  • UR will not see the transport of BMGs in their system to be a breach of this agreement.

  • Any transport of such goods thru Nephele will be acted upon in accordance with RP rules.
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