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Post by [UR]kIrA on Mon Nov 15 2010, 01:43

On the date of September 9, 2010; Toast17 offered his server in Teamspeak for Crossfire. And it was broadcasted by SA_ARROW on the same day.

From SA_ARROW's post in Swat Portal:
The place has been set up with a collection of channels : A Universe Channel (public), one private channel for each clan, a GR radio, one private channel for ASF and CSF battles and a SWAT Staff channel.

To access the TS server, you need to download the Teamspeak Client 3 (select your operating system and type, x64 or x86). When its installed, go to Connections > Connect and type in your nickname and the server address :, port 9987.

Please use your common in-game name so we might know who you are ! Dont forget to put your clan tag as well !

If you got no microphone, login and hear others speak and reply with the in-game chat, its better than nothing (that's what i do sometimes) !

Only CF talk will be tolerated, i dont want to see ppl use it for other games.

Again, a BIG BIG BIG thanks to Toast17 for sharing his TS server !
Read the original post here:

The Teamspeak software is a great software that allows in game player to speak to other players instead of chatting. It comes very useful in combat, events and when ur feeling especially lazy.

And no need to worry about ur game degrading and getting lags when u use teamspeak, Because teamspeak has sets of features which guarantee quality gameplay and quality talking.
Read more of the features here:

Overall, Teamspeak is a great software ready to be access by Crossfire Players, even if their not clan members. And we strongly recommend it to players not only in the UR clan and its allies but to all Crossfire Players as well. This might prove as a great advantage in battle and socialization.

Download here:
Comments and Suggestions and insights below Very Happy


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