Recruitment Offices are now open!

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Recruitment Offices are now open!

Post by [UR]kIrA on Mon Nov 15 2010, 14:31

The United Rebels is an elite group of pilots founded ever since the beginning of time. It started as a secret society within Japan, which quickly was renowned for its advances and innovations in technology. It first consisted of a group of engineers, and later, pilots and soldiers. It had consisted of designers, innovators and users of the same technology. Together They functioned in secrecy.

Soon after major wars the secret organisation, spread throughout the world as Agents of change. Together They monitored the Government and even Rebel groups of any irregularity that could be a cause of major shift and change in the world.

During the 21st century It had connection and was even regarded on the same level as CIA, NSA, Mossad, NATO Intelligence, and even all of the major countries intelligence branch. The United Rebels did this in order to keep an eye on everything that was happening, and did everything to stop and control balance in the World.

After the exodus, we spread throughout colonies, soon we also had agents in the coalition.

And we still operate in secrecy, to ensure balance in economy and security.

We stand tall and we will never fall....

The United Rebels are now recruiting!
For more Information Details could be found here:

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