Important, pls read this.

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Important, pls read this.

Post by [UR]Dino on Mon Mar 07 2011, 13:58

Those are rules which should new recruits and senior members follow:

1. We are Rebels, but still, we are humans like everybody else. So, stay polite, dont instult players or attack them( in-game ) without valid reason, and ofc, treat peope with respect.

2. Our RP is Police, so you should follow some basic rules. Like:
- you must have a mounted police licence on all of your ships.
-you must have a UR tagg on all your ships.
-you cannot preform any ilegal actions like smuggling or taxing.
-when you fine someone, follow the limits of:
40-50lvl: 500k
51-60lvl: 1m
61-100lvl: 10m max
- as Police officer, dont break any laws, and dont shoot at anyone without valid reason.

3. Rules:
make sure you read these rules, remember them, and follow them.
Server rules/ Clan system rules

4. Alliances:
We are currently allied with:
Do NOT attack them, except if you agreed on friendly PvP. Help them if they need it, or call them to help you. They have access to our system, ships, equipment and all.

5. Nephele rules:
Nephele rules

Read it carefully and make sure ppl follow them. Any non-allied player over lvl40 in Nephele -> intruder.. first talk, but if he refuses to leave, feel free to do whatever you want to make him leave. ( dockraping, suiciding... )
But use it only when it's really needed.

and just a note:
If you are having problems with understanding this rules, if you arent sure about some of them, if you have quewtion about some other rules, just ask some senior members, they are here to help you.



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