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Our system is partly "role-play". It means that you should follow our rules and act according to them. Our rules:
• no taxing in Nephele
• no taking bounties in Nephele*
• before entering, contact UR member if he is online. It's simply courtesy and you will avoid problems.
• ask before buying equipment/ships in Nephele.

*IOC is allowed to take bounties in Nephele according to our alliance.

Fines for breaking rules:
level 1-50: Get's a slap on the wrist Wink
level 51-60: 1,000,000$
level 61-70: 2,000,000$
level 71-80: 5,000,000$
level 81-100: 10,000,000$

Fees for buying ships in Nephele:
Allied clanmembers: 0$
Non-allied clanmembers: 5,000,000$
Freelancers: 2,000,000$

Fines mentioned above are for F-180 Hornet MK II, F-190 Malice, Avenger, APC freighter and Shooting Star. Other ships just require premission from any UR member to buy it.


• LNAW-full access
• SA - full access
• CFPD - full access
• BG - full access
• IOC - full access
• COP - full access
• TOD - transit rights
• TD - transit rights
• DC - transit rights
• PX - transit rights - temporarily granted;)
• SMG - transit rights, premission to buy ships and equipment in our system.
• LP - no access
• Fallen - no access
• EX-TRF - no access
• GoP - no access

• Freelancers under level 50 - full access.
• Freelancers over level 50 - no access.

• ASF - full access.
• CSF - no access.

Full access = Players can enter, buy ships/equipment and use their RP licences in our system.
No access = Players must ask before entering/buying in our system.
Transit rights = premission to pass trough system without asking and staying inside less than 10min.

•Premission to enter our system automatically expires after 10min.
• Suiciding in Nephele is allowed for UR members and allies
•Access to our system, which we guard with our lives is a privilege, so only what we are asking is to follow our rules. Follow them - great, have fun! Break them - suffer consequences. Prepare to die or pay fine.
•And no shooting at DC even if they are shooting at us for some reason (counts in all systems in CF for all UR).


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