Bmg Guns In Utopia.

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Bmg Guns In Utopia.

Post by [UR]GrandAndreasK on Thu Jul 29 2010, 14:41

Regardless of RP i think this new rule is kinda unfair Coz thoose that figured this out had already made some Gazzilions $$$ in devron and had no use off going there annymore. i think this is Sirious capitalizm i mean somone have 3000 mil and some like me have 3-4 mil cos i need to go back there to replenish. Sigh i miss the London-Leeds traderoute that was a fun exploit and RP was realy flowing. Siriously though we not only need flow in trade but more good traderoutes so evryone wont get swamped together at the same plase like the leeds thing that was extreme.(and maby to profitable lol! )
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