UR Is Still Recruiting

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UR Is Still Recruiting

Post by [UR]GrandAndreasK on Sat Oct 29 2011, 14:03

Recently freelancers have been cornered and attacked by pirates so we need more good pilots in our clan to fight the good fight because the pirate,merc's & smugler's have taken over the sireus sector completely and the police is on its last line of defence so we need more skilled pilots in the field fast.


3+Weeks of CF gameplay~

Moderate or better fighting skills~

Good knowledge of original FL systems and moderate or better knowledge of CF systems~

Ready to protect civilians from pirates at any time~

Loyal to the Police-RP and their rules~


You will get advanced pvp training~

We will share some top tip's on ship setups and keyboard config's~

And most important of all we will have fun Smile because we are not like some other egomaniac clans that are all business and no fun ô(^_^)

If you want to join then let us know online or make a request in our recruitment office....Click Here>Recruitment Office


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It can be good rebels like in starwars :
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